Friday, September 2, 2011

Second hand treasure

I've stumbled across a group called Flea Market Finds where bloggers share what they have found in op shops and second hand stores etc etc.  Someone else's junk is always someone else's treasure.  During my lunchhour I have an op shop and a second hand store I visit regularly.  On the odd weekend I visit Petone where there are several op shops within a short walking distance.  What do I look for - cotton shirts to make quilts, doillies, carlton ware, buttons - I love old buttons, etc etc etc.

Here's the site if you want to have a look -
My friend Myra saw this beautiful Jones sewing machine on Trade Me last weekend and bought it for me.  She already has a Jones one and I've always said it should be mine.  Myra is terminally ill with cancer now and I don't want her Jones Sewing machine, I'd rather have my friend.  So she bought one for me, very reasonable price.  It works, has all the original tools and instruction book too. 
 While shopping with another friend Carol at the op shops I scored this gorgeous hanky for $3.00.  It is so delicate and beautiful I am going to get it framed. 
 And another little piece I bought same day which will go on a quilt of doillies eventually.
 What to do, What to do?  I bought this vase thingy from the op shop (still has the label on it) but not sure what to do with it yet.  I thought it would be a screen as the neighbours live so close but I need to put something in it ??. 
 This week I found this polysterene head which is in excellent condition.  I'm going to cover it in buttons!!
 and lastly this week I scored another addition to my buttercup Carlton Ware collection.
The drainer in the front.  Sadly I think it is the later edition of buttercup to the rest of my pieces as it is a brighter yellow and there is no label on the bottom, just a number.  I started my collection with the double dish I inherited from my Aunt, the round dish I found on Trade Me, and the gorgeous little gravy boat was given to me for my birthday from my friend Carol. 

And of course I love the crocheted sugar bowl cover with beads on.  This was my Aunty Shirley's too, my grandmother also used them. 

I love my treasure.


  1. Wow, I have only just found this blog of yours Karen. Why do we quilters love buttons and Op Shops? I have lots of linen I bought because I couldn't leave it behind in the shop, I use the plain doillies for labels and I too am planning a quilt. Also damask serviettes, I have a stack and think they too would make an interesting quilt...... love Art Deco..... I suppose you know Petone Treasures, jut a couple of doors from GoBang, favourite coffee shop? She has lovely stuff - I need a larger house!!

  2. Covering that head with buttons -- brilliant! (If you haven't been over to Button Floozies yet, you must visit!) Maybe you could fill those little vials in your window vases with clear glass beads in different colors -- the light would still come through but it would be a colorful way to block the view of the close-by neighbor's house! I like Flea Market Finds, too...just love to keep track of what others are finding!