Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Addiction?

I've decided to start another blog about my latest craze.. Button collecting because it seems to consume a lot of my time.  I love Buttons especially ones that are pretty and different.  I know they are not antique buttons or worth anything but I appreciate the work that goes into them and What The?  I was going to say it's not as messy as some addictions and it's not as costly as some addictions but I think I should shut up!  My craft room has buttons everywhere and I am making Christmas presents cause my budgets sort of on the light side now!!  I had thought What can I make out of pretty buttons for Christmas but then I don't want to part with some of them..  Am I addicted... Ummmmm 
Most of them are from friends or off Trade Me.  I don't know what I'm going to do with them but they are a real time waster... hehe.

I hated green until a few months ago and now I have green curtains and heaps of green buttons??
What The??

My Chief Solicitor at Work gave me this gorgous OLD file box..
I don't think it's going to be big enough for all my precious buttons.

 I love the old white and cream buttons with different textures, sizes and shapes. 

I bought three of these buttons on the net and they are stunning.  The photo isn't great.  My friend who has cancer has got the third button.  I sent it as a treasure for her so she knows I'm thinking of her.  She loves it too.

I think this is a belt buckle as it has different clasps but what it's made of I don't know.  It's just beautiful.

This one was in a button jar at an op shop.  It looks like its made with pieces of broken crockery but the back is brass so must be old maybe..