Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty Buttons

SOME of my button collection that aren't so precious.  But don't they look colourful on show. 
See the little Bakelite box I won on Trade Me.  It's full of shell buttons of all sizes and shapes.
I have a good collection of old coat buttons but I especially love the one in the middle. 
It appears to be carved and was looking a bit worse for wear until I polished it

Art Deco??

A lucky assortment I won on Trade Me.  I love them all.

Pretty shiny buttons, more of the above


  1. Ooooh, Karen, those are all beautiful! I especially love the ones you won on Trade Me - fabulous! I have a bunch of old coat buttons, too. Some of them are pretty cool, and much too large to put on my bags. I should send them to you! :o)



  2. Hi Karen,

    What a lot of gorgeous buttons you have here, loved seeing them all.
    Have fun with collecting them and I will keep an eye out for you.